DaBaby Hates When Fans Use His Real Name

DaBaby makes it clear that only a select number of people should be referring to him by his government name.

Even though North Carolina rapper used his family name for the title of his second studio album, he wants to make it clear that only a select number of folks are allowed to call him as such.

Born Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, the 28-year-old rap superstar has been experiencing , truly breaking out after the release of Baby on Baby before he struck gold with KIRK. Joking with his fans last night, the “TOES” star commented on how women have been getting a little too comfortable with him, addressing him by his government name instead of his artist moniker. DaBaby isn’t entirely into that, explaining that if you’re calling him “Jonathan,” you’ve got a few clear guidelines to follow. First and foremost, you’ve got to spell it correctly. Secondly, you’ve got to be his girlfriend. That definitely eliminates the majority of readers.

DaBaby Hates When Fans Use His Real Name
Arnold Turner/Getty Images

Taking to Twitter, DaBaby noted that, if you’re calling him by his first name, you should actually know him as such. “I hate when fans try to call me by the government name and misspell my shit,” he wrote. “Bro.. you don’t know me bro. Ladies.. Calling me ‘Jonathan’ means you’re my Girlfriend.”

 that she’s got to start referring to DaBaby as “Jonathan” from now on.

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