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DaBaby Manifests His Dream Of Grinding Up On Lizzo On Stage

DaBaby and Lizzo go wild on stage.

and Lizzo were both on the Sunday bill for ‘s Made In America festival in Philly, so one could have expected to see them join each other on stage for . These artists are both enjoying huge moments in the spotlight, so putting them on a song together seemed like a no-brainer.

DaBaby and Lizzo can also be said to share some attributes in common. Their music exudes astronomical confidence and also displays their unrestrained sexual proclivities. Halfway through DaBaby’s verse on “Truth Hurts (Remix)”, he raps, “I was doin’ my thing, she was backin’ it up /
She was puttin’ them hips on me.” Considering that Lizzo is known to twerk on stage –  – it’s not surprising that DaBaby uttering this lyric brought the booty-shaking out of her on Sunday. 

DaBaby shared a video on Instagram of him grinding up on Lizzo as she performs her verse to their collaboration and the sun sets on an enraptured crowd. His caption instructs followers to “Swipe Left to see a n**** dreams come true”. Lizzo was so floored by this confession that she could only comment, “Hahahahahahhahahahah.”

DaBaby also posted a video of another breakout star, Megan Thee Stallion, joining him on the MIA stage, to perform their hit, “Cash Shit”. 

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