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DaBaby’s Outfit Costs More Than A House Down Payment

This man’s attire costs more than raising an actual baby.

has managed to appease two dominant hip-hop demographics. . Those who value technical proficiency and musicality on the other. Has any new artist found a more harmonious place in center than Mr. Baby on Baby? Even his linguistics are unique, leaving many pondering what actually constitutes as “Going Baby.” Suffice it to say, the feels like a potential mainstay,  As it happens, some of those doors are financial ones. 

DaBaby's Outfit Costs More Than A House Down Payment

Roger Kisby/Getty Images 

After blessing Drizzy’s OVO Fest with a brief yet exciting performance, DaBaby took a moment to highlight the value of his current fit. First off is the timepiece, valued at $47,000 USD. The “Billion Dollar Baby” chain checks in at a cool $65,000 USD. The jacket sits at a comfortable $4,000, also in USD. And that’s only what he chooses to share before he flees . 

If that’s not Going Baby On Baby, what is? Check out DaBaby’s latest flex below, and keep an eye out for his future endeavors to come, no matter which of the aforementioned demographics you happen to fall within.

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