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Dan Reynolds Proposes Anti-Gun Violence Festival: Zedd, Sir Sly, The Head and The Heart & More Volunteer to Perform

Dan Reynolds took to Twitter to informally propose an anti-gun violence festival on Thursday (Aug. 8). 

The Imagine Dragons frontman wrote: "With the failure of WOODSTOCK I pose this question: What artists/speakers are willing to play for free (we get some corporate dollars to cover crew costs and travel etc) to put on a festival raising money for organizations that are fighting for new legislation regarding gun laws."

He followed with another tweet explaining his intentions and confirming his commitment: "we are gonna DO this I promise you that. This isn’t political. This is a festival about our people being KILLED. It needs to stop. And honestly. It’s gonna take our artists and people of influence stepping up. Because law makers ARE NOT." (He later retweeted a response to the tweet that clarified that he maint to say the festival was "nonpartisan," rather than "not political.") 

A number of artists have already responded to Reynolds' Twitter call to volunteer for the occasion, like The Head and The Heart, Zedd, Super Whatevr, Garrison Starr, Alli Fitz, Sir Sly, Mt. Joy, Rituals of Mine, and I Don't Know How But They Found Me.

In addition to fronting the alt-rock band, Reynolds is also an activist, consistently advocating for LGBTQ rights and founding LoveLoud Festival alongside Tegan Quinn.

See the tweets below. 


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