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D’Angelo Russell Named LeBron James & Anthony Davis For His Dream Team Years Ago

Russel always wanted to play with James and Davis.

D’Angelo Russell was traded away from the Los Angeles Lakers soon after he exposed Nick Young’s cheating ways while he was with . He has since matured nicely on the Brooklyn Nets, but  that Russell is willing to head back to the City of Angels. “A source close to the situation has confirmed to me that D’Angelo Russell has reciprocal interest in the Lakers ‘if the money is right,'” tweeted sports writer Arye Abraham. “I’m told he loves Los Angeles and has no ill will towards LAL now that is gone.”

D’Angelo Russell is on the market as a restricted free agent this Summer, and four years ago, he was asked which athletes he would most like to play with among every player in NBA history. Including himself in the lineup, D’Angelo named Bill Russell, , Anthony Davis, and LeBron James. Now that James and Davis are together on the Lakers, it appears that Russell can fulfill at least a portion of his dream team roster. The Lakers are in dire need of a guard since they shaved down their roster to acquire Davis, and Russell’s talents would make him a true asset for the team.

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