Dave East Keeps It 100 While Reflecting On Nipsey Hussle In New Interview

East talks about acting, his friendship with Nipsey Hussle and more.

rolled through Hot 97 for an interview with Nessa on Air and as always he brought the real. The interview kicks off with East talking about acting and Nessa asks the Harlem rapper if there’s any actor he would really like to work with. He quickly responds with “De Niro.” Solid choice. Dave then talks about Survival and Nessa asks him which song was “the toughest” to put together on the album to which he responds, “I Need A Sign” and “Seventeen.” Soon after, Dave reveals that his 10th-grade teacher slid into his DM’s and encouraged him to keep on doing what he’s doing, but he admits that he left the message on seen.

Dave East Keeps It 100 While Reflecting On Nipsey Hussle In New Interview
Jemal Countess/Getty Images

On the question of whether or not East wants more kids, he says that he wants a son and that his daughter is “perfect” to him. He continues talking about his daughter saying, “nothing about her dims no part of my day.”

Nessa then asks about the tribute and Dave says AraabMusik did the beat, is on it and and it’s “like me and Nip in the car smoking…and I’m telling this n**** like, this is the inspiration you gave me.” He continues saying that the record is, “everything I didn’t get to tell him while he was here.” He brings up the fact that people talk to everyone like “they’re going to be here tomorrow.” Nip and East spoke about personal brands during their friendship, and East reflects on the incredible “imprint” Nipsey has left. He reveals that he spoke to Nipsey 3 days before his death on FaceTime.


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