Davis Chris & Mr Foster talk about Hip Hop and landing songs on Billboard Charts

DJD22 Davis Chris & Mr Foster talk about Hip Hop and landing songs on Billboard Charts

1. Where are you from, how’d you get introduced to hip-hop?

D.C.: I grew up in Houston Texas. I first fell in love with hip hop after watching Freestyle Battles in New York. I liked Charlie Clipz, Reed Dollaz, and Murda Mook.

SF:  I grew up in DC and North Carolina.  I feel in love with hip hop with Rap City Da Basement.  That was the mecca for freestyles and Battle Raps.  I liked Jay-Z,  Jadakiss, Camron, Julez Santana, RedMan & Method Man, and Kool G Rap.

2.. Who’s your favorite producer and what did you learn from him?

We both are huge fans of Timbaland and learned to be different and stand out from him.

3. Tell me about your current project/releases?

We have our record “Blood Aint Thicker Than Water out now. This record is about sexual abuse among children. We are donating a portion of our sales to the Darkness to Light organization. They are an organization that focuses on helping children that are victims of sexual abuse. We are very excited about this record.

4. What do you look to contribute to the game?

We bring versatility. We have charted on billboard in four different genres and Davis Chris performed in 3 different languages. We also do our own marketing behind each record. There arent alot of artists doing what we do on an independent level.

5.  What does Hip Hop mean to you guys?

Hip Hop is a way of life, culture, conversations, and the honestly the pulse of pop culture.

6. What’s next for you guys or the end of 2020-2021?

We have our album “American Resurrection” dropping Dec 11th. It features Grammy Award-winning artist Paul Wall from Houston and World Champion sprinter Noah Lyles signed to Addias.




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