Daymond John Believes Kim Kardashian Will Be President One Day 

Daymond John actually listed some legit reasons as to how Kim Kardashian could become President one day.

As of right now, -West’s main concerns are the and . At one point in time, Kim Kardashian’s reputation was reduced down to her  and being the main star of E!’s reality television series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. These days, the socialite has found purpose,  and using her platform to affect . While in the past, the SKIMS CEO has stated that she doesn’t want to enter the political realm, Shark ‘s very own Daymond John believes that Kim Kardashian-West will be the President of the United States one day. 

Daymond John Believes Kim Kardashian Will Be President One Day 

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The FUBU founder ran into TMZ recently and the publication raised the topic of Mrs. West running for office and her chances of winning an election. Daymond John listed some quality reasons as to why Kim Kardashian could possibly become the President including her recent affiliation with justice reform, the female empowerment her family displays, her , and more. During the short interaction John stated:

“Listen, I think Kim could be President. She went ahead and she freed Alice (Marie Johnson) out of jail, she worked with the President, she’s going to get a further education… At the palm of her hand, she can touch 200 million people and maybe in eight years, she’ll have 500 million, 600 million (followers). She , has mixed relationships in her family, has a family full of women. She doesn’t drink, she doesn’t smoke, she doesn’t do anything else and people feel like they know her.”

Kim Kardashian-West has already , which boosts her political portfolio and has an insane social media following that could be influential to her being a strong Presidential candidate in the future. With the presence of 45 in the Oval Office today, how far-fetched is it for Kim Kardashian to be the leader of the free world one day? Daymond John thinks it’s an attainable goal for the reality TV starlet turned entrepreneur. 

Check out Daymon John’s latest run-in with TMZ in the video provided below. 

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