Dee-1 Champions Meek Mill After “Gangsta” Tweet About Street Life’s Limitations

Dee-1 recently praised Meek Mill for a recent tweet that he put out concerning what being a “gangsta” really is. “Being gangsta will get you hurt put in jail or killed ……” the Philly rapper posted on the social media platform on Tuesday (January 2). “Being smart will get you out of poverty and your family and friends living better. It’s no comparison, being smart is the only solid way out the trenches… everything else is wide range life risk just to survive!” Moreover, the Christian MC posted an Instagram video reacting to this on his page. “Big Salute to @meekmill,” he captioned. “Some haters and some blogs don’t wanna see love and support, but that’s exactly what this is. Stating Big Facts that will have a domino effect. Let’s be smart and we can all win! Ya digggg. A Shift Is Happening!!! #Dee1 #MeekMill #HipHopCulture #Support #MissionVision.”

“Yeah, salute to Meek Mill for spitting these facts!” Dee-1 said in the clip in question. “And this gon’ have a domino effect in a good way, you heard me? Aye, this shift is happening right now, make sure y’all not late to it, man. And I know this ain’t that sexy for the blogs. They gon’ be like, ‘Wait, Dee-1 supporting what Meek say?’ Yes, absolutely! This man spitting facts! And if you grew up in the streets, then you know that he’s just making it real black and white. ‘Being gangsta will get you hurt, put in jail, or killed.’ Period! ‘Being smart will get you out of poverty, and your family and friends living better.’ Period!

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Dee-1 Gives Meek Mill His Flowers: Watch

“That’s important for people to just know it’s that simple,” Dee-1 continued. “‘It’s no comparison. Being smart is the only solid way out the trenches. Everything else is wide range life risk just to survive.’ Come on, man, that’s facts, and this shift is happening right now, man. I love this, I support this, Meek. Big love, and everybody just need to know this, man. It might be common sense to one person to see this. But there’s a lot of people that’s at that crossroads each and every day. Man, be smart. Let’s be smart, and let’s win.”

For those unaware, the New Orleans native previously called Meek and other MCs out for their glorification of violence and street life in their lyrics. Other rappers chimed in with their takes in addition to a clap-back of his own, and it prompted a lot of debate. Maybe Dee’s just compensating for this rift, but it’s still heartening to see them come together on these issues. For more news and the latest updates on Dee-1 and Meek Mill, stay up to date on HNHH.

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