Demi Grace Continues Visual Album Rollout With “Save Me”

R&B artist Demi Grace has a way of making you connect with your emotions on a deeper level with her music. Since the release of her project BLACKCURRANT, she’s been blending R&B with afrobeat undertones as she takes us on a visual journey through the pages of her diary. Demi continues the visual rollout of her album and gets even more vulnerable with her new music video “Save Me.”

As the follow-up to her videos “Clingy,” “Stay,” and “I’m Okay,” “Save Me” revisits Demi postbreakup as she rediscovers a new joy in herself, her community and her ability to just keep going. Dressed in an all denim fit and thigh high faux red snakeskin boots, Demi reemerges from solitude and navigates through Harlem for a much needed girl’s night. Demi Grace takes a journey to renew joy in herself, love in her community and confidence in her ability to just keep going. Check out the video below and stay tuned to for more work soon from Demi Grace.

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