Demi Lovato Was Unsure About Music After Overdose: "It Was A Scary Time"

She’s bounced back.

There have been plenty of Hollywood stories of celebrities who hit rock bottom only to turn their lives around. Robert Downey Jr., Kelly Osbourne, Drew Barrymore, Rob Lowe, Winona Ryder, and Nicole Richie are just a few famous names who were once known for their infamy before they picked up their broken pieces and rebuilt their brands. is hoping to have her name permanently etched onto that list as her big comeback season is apparently upon us.

Demi Lovato Was Unsure About Music After Overdose: "It Was A Scary Time"
Neilson Barnard / Staff / Getty Images

The Grammy Award-nominated singer is, the first studio release since her 2017 platinum hit record Tell Me You Love Me. and people still haven’t stopped talking about her Super Bowl LIV “Star-Spangled Banner” performance. 

It was just over  and she recently told Andy Cohen on radio Andy that she believed her career was over. “[‘Anyone’] represented that period in my life when everything hit the fan,” she said. She recalled being in the hospital unsure of her future. “I thought if I ever come back from this—I was in the hospital, I didn’t know— and I want it to be this song.”

“It was a general thought. We didn’t know what was gonna happen,” she said. “We didn’t know how healthy I’d be when I left and it was a scary time in my life for sure.” Watch her clip below.

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