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Deputy Involved In YG Incident Was Out Of Line, According To Superiors: Report

A Sheriff’s deputy involved ‘s recent run-in with the law is in trouble with his superiors, according to TMZ. We previously reported that over the weekend, on the Sunset Strip after performing at 1 OAK nightclub. The rapper was accused of driving recklessly by weaving in and out of lanes while riding in his Lamborghini. 

Reports state that officers on the scene handcuffed YG because he became belligerent, but after he completed a field sobriety test and was shown to be sober, he was let go with a traffic citation. There were plenty of people around filming the incident, and in one video released to the press, a deputy gets into a verbal altercation with people on the street. He tells them to “shut up” before aggressively approaching them.

TMZ reports that they’ve spoken to law enforcement officials who say that the deputy in and will be given counseling on how to deescalate situations. However, he will not be formally reprimanded nor will there be any sort of investigation into his unprofessional behavior.

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