Destroy Lonely Accused by Girlfriend of Physical & Mental Abuse

Atlanta upstart Destroy Lonely has been accused by his girlfriend of physical and mental abuse.

Brazil who goes by the Twitter handle @ayishamia went on a tweeting spree on Monday morning where she detailed how the rapper-singer, born Bobby Wardell Sandimanie III has been abusive towards her.

“Cracked my head open in Germany after pushing me into a bed frame and then threw all my shit in the hallway ….. all because i was tired and didn’t want to get up at that exact second to roll a blunt,” she wrote while showing images of her injuries.

“Cry baby ass ni**a. Mad over Lucki you verbally abused me for an entire 21 hr flight to Germany and when I finally snapped and hit you choked me and and then called my mom to play victim,” she also tweeted.

“We were out once with at least 10 ppl. We argue,I want to sit in the car till the race over you take one of my phones to try n stop me. I order a Uber to go. you hop in my Uber and slapped me in my face 4 times and then same night u go cry on the song w @pinkpantheress2 about it,” she said in another tweet.

“Just weird af I couldn’t even listen to @DonToliver . Any time I tried he either make fun of me or him calling him g*y and a fagg*t then the second we stop talking for a month u go record music with him and send it to me verbatim “now I see why you like him so much”

“In Tokyo he wanted to me go to one our friends events. we had just argued so I wanted to chill instead. verbally fight I leave hotel u follow me for the entire 20 min walk. I give up and walk back to hotel. You snap and choke and drag me 3 times by my neck at the edition”

“On HIS birthday last I wore a white dress for HIM. He loved it. Then the second we get around carti he go tell me I embarrass him Im wore that dress so carti could see my pussy then called me a whore about it for months. Nigga you are embarrassing tf”

The son of rapper I-20, Lonely grew up in a household full of music and created music from a young age. His earliest official releases came in 2015-2016 on SoundCloud.

He also has history doing drugs. “I had an era when I was like in high school where I was like doing drugs and shit. So, like I was on Xans and I used to be geeked the fuck up. I’d come to school, [at] seven o’clock in the morning just geeked up, like, “I don’t give a fuck about nothing, I’m on the Xans, I’m geeking.” But like, I knew I was likewise enough, I guess or just like I wanted better for myself, so I knew like if I kept doing that shit, I’d fuck myself up like in a way, on some corny shit, destroy myself, you know what I’m saying? Like self-destruction. So, I’m like, “I’ma just use that as the first part of my name,” he told Our Generation Music.