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Detroit Rapper Chris Orrick Retires His Red Pill Moniker

Detroit Rapper Chris Orrick Retires His Red Pill Moniker

After releasing three studio albums for Mello Music Group as Red Pill, Detroit MC Chris Orrick has announced he has retired the moniker for good.

As he explained in a statement, Orrick’s move comes after watching the misogynist internet community the same name continue to rise to prominence.

“Over the last couple years, I’ve noticed a growing movement on the internet called ‘The Red Pill’ that continues to gain momentum. They spew hate and ignorance, in a totally misconstrued interpretation the famous scene in the movieThe Matrix that we both draw inspiration from,” he wrote.

He continued:”I tried to ignore it, but given my own values and principles and especially given the current political and social climate that we live in, I couldn’t live with myself being associated with their bullshit. From now on I’m going by my real name. You can call me Chris.”

Find Orrick’s complete statement below. His last album as Red Pill was 2016’sInstinctive Drowning.