Detroit Rapper Eastside Peezy Shot During Robbery

Detroit rapper Eastside Peezy was shot during an armed robbery just outside his hometown on Feb. 3.

Although initial reports claimed that the rapper was shot in the head, it appears that two shootings occurred in Detroit’s East Side and near suburbs, and they were initial reports. According to the The Detroit News, Peezy was shot but he is currently in stable condition.

Peezy was at a Citgo gas station in the suburb Warren when he eas approached by a gunman who demanded his money through the passenger side window.

“The victim said that he had stopped at the Citgo gas station,” Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer told the News. “An unknown black male approached the passenger door, pointed a gun and demanded his money. He handed over the cash, which he had apparently received from his rapping. He was then shot multiple times.”

Dwyer added that Peezy was doing fine in the hospital. “The rapper is] expected to recover from his injuries,” he said.

Peezy is currently in the middle a case for racketeering. Prosecutors allege that he was a member the 6 Mile Chedda Grove gang. They allege that the gang was responsible for homicides, assaults, robberies and other illicit activities in and around Detroit’s East Side. That case is still pending.