Detroit Teacher Fired for Being a Rapper and Makes Viral Video

A Detroit high school teacher was allegedly fired for being a rapper, and now she’s got a viral music video as she reveals what happened.

Detroit Teacher Allegedly Fired for Being a Rapper

On March 13, a Detroit teacher named Ms. Brown, who goes by the rap name Drippin Honey, announced on her social media that she had been let go from her job as a teacher due to a parent’s complaint. The parent allegedly complained multiple times to the school after Brown released her song “Drippin 101” in October.

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Detroit Teacher Releases a Statement Following Firing

“Recently, I was forced to leave my position due to me being a Rapper,” she wrote. “A single parent’s disapproval led to my dismissal. The parent wished to stay Anonymous after contacting my job for months, I’ve been dealing with this since I dropped ‘Drippin 101’ in October.”

She continued, “5 months later Meetings after meetings defending my involvement in the music industry I was asked to erase all my content that’s when I knew I HAVE TO BET ON MYSELF CUZ NOBODY WILL IF I DONT.”

Brown then released the music video for her song “Drippin 101,” which she claims features her own students. In the video, a student is seen wearing merchandise from Taylor Preparatory High School, though it hasn’t been confirmed that is where Brown was let go from. As of Monday (March 18), the video has accrued 235,000 likes on TikTok, as well as 2,4000 views on YouTube.

XXL has reached out to Drippin Honey and Taylor Preparatory High School for further comment.

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Watch Drippin Honey’s “Drippin 101” video below.

Watch Drippin Honey’s “Drippin 101” Video

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