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Devin Booker Masterfully Trolls Bill Simmons After Jayson Tatum Injury

Simmons is a Celtics superfan.

If you’re aware of former ESPN analyst and current Ringer boss Bill Simmons, then you know he is one of the biggest Boston sports homers in the world. Whenever there is something to do with the Bruins, Red Sox, Patriots, or Celtics, he is on the frontlines cheering them on and looking at the brightside of things. He famously predicted a 67-15 record for the Celtics this past season which, of course, didn’t happen. 

Over the past few days, Simmons has been heavily critical of NBA players like Landry Shamet and Devin Booker for skipping out on playing for Team USA, in favor of workouts at open gyms. As Simmons says, these open gyms are useless and can’t compare to the training one would get from a real game.

Booker took notice to these comments and when Celtics star , he took the opportunity clap back with some sarcastic prayer emojis. It was pretty clear Booker was doing it in response to Simmons’ jabs and the whole exchange was pretty hilarious. Obviously, Booker is paying attention to his critics and the fact he’s willing to address them is -esque, to say the least.

Luckily for Simmons,  and he should be good to go for the Celtics season come October.

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