Did Drake’s Label Ask Kendrick Lamar To End Their Rap Beef?


Could the long-brewing feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar finally be coming to an end? Over the course of the past few weeks, Drake and Lamar have dropped several diss tracks aimed at each other. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse, after Drake’s bodyguard was reportedly shot near Drake’s Toronto home.

Neither Drake nor Lamar have commented directly on the matter, however, neither party has dropped a diss track since the incident. Many fans are wondering if the labels have since gotten involved, asking to end the beef.

Did Drake’s label ask Kendrick Lamar to end their rap beef?

A screenshot of a supposed blind item went viral on Twitter today (May 7), alleging that Universal Music Group had reached out to Lamar and his pgLang brand, as well as The Weeknd, asking them to end the feud, and to walk back comments calling Drake a pedophile.


The supposed blind item noted that Drake, Nike, and other parties involved were losing a lot of money, as Drake was losing the beef.

However, TMZ has said there is no truth to this blind item, and that the claims are entirely unfounded.

TMZ reported that sources close to the matter — who, evidently, are knowledgeable of how labels works — had not gotten involved, and likely, wouldn’t get involved with matters like this.

But given recent events, it seems as though continuing the feud would be in poor taste.