'Did It Work?' Meme: Which Celeb Wore Lisa's Boots Best?

These boots were made for meming.

Blackpink‘s Lisa waltzed right into meme territory when she mesmerized viewers by twirling her leather thigh-high boots in a sultry dance video to QUIÑ and 6lack‘s “Mushroom Chocolate.” Aside from her choreography, other stars joined in on the fun by placing a picture of themselves side-by-side with a cropped still of her legs for their custom glam shots. While late-night talk show hosts Stephen Colbert and James Corden kicked off their late-night routines a little differently, Lil Nas X spared himself the trouble.

And even though Dolly Parton used the black-and-white cover of her 1998 album La Légende Country, the combined image fit all-too-well. QUIÑ also stepped onto the scene while promoting her single originally featured in Lisa’s video. But when Questlove asked “Did It Work?,” he wasn’t asking for himself: The musician cropped a picture of Lionel Richie for his spectacular meme.

So who did it work for best? Vote below!

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