Did Kendrick Lamar Tease His New Album Release Date In The ‘Not Like Us’ Video?

July 4 turned out to be a hood holiday as Kendrick Lamar released his celebratory video for “Not Like Us.” Unlike its combative content, the video had a much more playful and boisterous vibe, with Kendrick bouncing around his hometown, Compton, accompanied by seemingly half the city’s residents.

The video brought more than good vibes, though; some fans are absolutely convinced that Kendrick not only danced on his rival Drake’s metaphorical grave, but also revealed the date of his next album’s release.

In one scene clip, Kendrick is seen wearing a blue windbreaker, with fans reading the lettering on its right breast as “8/8/2024.” As noted by the fan below, that date would fall on a Thursday, and thanks to the time difference between the coasts, technically a Friday release for New York would be on Thursday for Compton.

However, that theory was quickly shot down by more fashion-savvy users, who pointed out that the Martine Rose jacket actually reads “S/S 2024” — i.e., that it’s from the British-Jamaican menswear designer’s spring/summer collection.

Now, whether Kendrick even has an album coming out remains to be seen. Fans have been asking for a full release of the snippet from the beginning of the “Not Like Us” video, but let’s be honest: we still haven’t gotten the song from “Alright” video’s interlude, nearly 10 years later, so even if there was a new album coming out, that joint probably ain’t on it. You can watch the “Not Like Us” video above.