Disco Biscuits Raise $75,000 for PLUS1 for Black Lives Fund at Citizens Bank Park

The Disco Biscuits’ raised more than $75,000 on Tuesday night during their 90-minute performance from an empty Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. The group received nearly half a million livestream views from their hometown baseball stadium and 100% of the evening’s proceeds will go to PLUS1 For Black Lives Fund.

“That was totally insane getting to play live again as a band,” said Disco Biscuits keyboardist Aron Magner in a release. “We had so much fun. It took a few seconds for it all to sink in and for me to absorb what was going on here at Citizens Bank Park. We have played on nearly every type of stage and now we can say we played at the home of the Phillies. We hope everyone who watched the stream at home had as much fun as we did and we hope everyone will continue to support PLUS1 and make contributions. They’re doing great work and we appreciate their involvement.”

Presented by Live Nation, The Disco Biscuits Take You Out to the Ball Game was a free livestream performance from the infield dirt at the home of the Philadelphia Phillies, calling upon viewers to make charitable contributions throughout. Donations will be distributed to various organizations including Urban League of Philadelphia, a community-based movement dedicated to empowering underserved urban communities.

The Disco Biscuits Take You Out to the Ball Game also partnered with PLUS1 to fight against anti-Black racism and violence in the United States through the PLUS1 For Black Lives Fund by supporting Equal Justice Initiative, The Bail Project and Impact Justice.

“What an incredible experience to reconnect with my band members and our fans,” said Disco Biscuits bassist Marc Brownstein in a release. “We are grateful to our partners at Live Nation and the Philadelphia Phillies for this platform to share our music and raise awareness of PLUS1 and help the Black Lives Fund. Thank you to all of our fans who tuned in and helped us raise a significant amount of money to help PLUS1.”

Brownstein added: “We have been sidelined for three months and it felt so good to play together as a band again. I have been to this Ball Park so many times and it took me a while to realize no one was going to be here but us. It was a lot of fun and we can’t wait to do it for real in front of a live audience when we can all be together again.”