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DJ Akademiks Goes Off On YesJulz After She Calls Him A Clown

He biting back at anyone who comes for him.

With his , DJ Akademiks is going toe-to-toe with YesJulz. Recently, news broke that Akademiks would be producing a SnapChat documentary about disgraced rapper reportedly titled 6ix9ine vs The World. It looks as if there are a few people who don’t have kind words for Akademiks about the project, including YesJulz who reportedly

Akademiks didn’t take her criticisms lightly, so he unleashed an onslaught of scathing tweets—including one that featured her sex tape. “Was finna blast a lil b*tch on here who i seen tried to subtweet me recently .. she deleted the tweet talking crazy tho. good. I dont fw u industry n*ggas. I got dirt on all of u. just leave me alone,” Akademiks wrote. “I dont subtweet either.. @yesjulz.. w/e u commented bout me EP’ing a 69 documentary recently.. Suck a d*ck. . I aint have no problem wit u.. But u shoudl stay the f*ck outta what im doing. Leave me alone. i dont need none of yal. and let that be known.. any b*tch ass n*gga.. or hoe.. who got comments about me EP’ing a 69 documentary.. but dont got the same words about 50 cent who also doing content relating to that.. SUCK A d*ck. aint finna let none of u n*ggas try to lean on me like im some weak fence.”

He wasn’t finished giving YesJulz a piece of his mind. “imma keep it trill wit u.. when n*ggas came at u bout being a culture vulture.. a hoe who wanna be black.. .. i aint care.. aint my business.. dont comment bout my sh*t and think its sweet. I LOVE DRAMA.” Julz kept her response brief when she tweeted, “Someone’s got their 69 themed panties in a bunch.” Check out Akademiks’s tweets below, not including the sex tape feature.

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