DJ Jazzy Jeff Predicts "More Sick People Soon" As Masses Gather Amid Pandemic

DJ Jazzy Jeff questions people who have decided that the COVID-19 pandemic is over as they gather together for the holiday weekend.

It’s Memorial Day, and while some people are opting to stay indoors as  in a friendly Verzuz battle, many other Americans have flocked to public places. Citizens have stormed beaches, parks, and backyard BBQs in their cities to let loose during this holiday of remembrance, even though the COVID-19 pandemic is still rolling on full steam ahead. After months of being under lockdown, many people have grown frustrated with the “Safer At Home” ordinances. One person who isn’t happy to see the masses gather together , so he took to Twitter to address the issue.

DJ Jazzy Jeff Predicts "More Sick People Soon" As Masses Gather Amid Pandemic
Ian Gavan / Stringer / Getty Images

“Wow…so the virus is over???” the hip hop icon recently tweeted. “Its cured??? Take it from someone who was sick…theres gonna be alot more sick people soon…smh.” In mid-April,to talk about what it was like when he was battling COVID-19.

“I came home from my trip. I was like, ‘I feel like I’m coming down with something’ and got into bed, and I don’t remember the next 10 days,” Jazzy Jeff told Smith. “I had a temperature that reached 103. I had the chills. I lost sense of smell. I lost sense of taste.” Smith couldn’t believe it. He could only respond, “Wow.” Check out Jazzy Jeff’s tweet along with his previous exchange with Will Smith below.

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