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DJ Khaled Is Upset With Billboard For Costing Him #1 Spot: Report

Billboard allegedly axed 100,000 sales from DJ Khaled’s numbers.

On Thursday, reports surfaced that was a tad hot under his collar because his star-studded, heavily-promoted release  of Asahd didn’t make it to the number one spot on the charts. Instead, Tyler The Creator’s multi-dimensional album IGOR snagged the top spot while Khaled’s record followed at number 2. Rumors spread that the super-producer stormed into  and had a “temper tantrum,”  as he spewed hate for Tyler’s hit record.

According to The Blast,  Khaled never had a problem with Tyler, contrary to reports that he’s been shading the artist; it was Billboard who made him upset. They claim that Billboard “disqualified” 100,000 downloads because they weren’t approved, something that Khaled wasn’t told until after chart week. Initially, they reportedly were approved, but when he was alerted of the change, it was too late.

DJ Khaled Is Upset With Billboard For Costing Him #1 Spot: Report
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A bundle deal was offered with the downloads in an effort to drive sales. Father of Asahd was bundled with nutritional supplements, a promotion that Billboard approved. With each purchase,  a digital download of the record. Although it’s unorthodox, the download still counted as a record sale…until Billboard said no.

Khaled wasn’t the only one bundling his way to the top, as Tyler used the method for IGOR, as well. He offered digital downloads of the album with purchases of shirts and posters. The Blast  when Billboard stated they didn’t “approve the copy” of Khaled’s promotion. So, while they did approve that he could use supplements to bundle, they weren’t made aware of the final offer. If Khaled’s bundles would have been counted, he reportedly would have had a number one record on his hands.

It’s also reported that while Khaled did have an impassioned conversation with record executives, there was no temper tantrum thrown. 

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