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DJ Koze Returns with New Album 'Knock Knock'

DJ Koze Returns with New Album 'Knock Knock'

Five years removed from delivering his much-loved AmygdalaLP, DJ Koze has lifted the curtain on a new full-length original material.

TitledKnock Knock, the 16-track effort will arrive May 4 through Pampa Records. The album follows 2014’sReincarnations Pt. II remix collection and 2015’s DJ-Kicks compilation. A taste what’s to come from the record can be heard with “Seeing Aliens” in the player below, along B-side”Nein Knig Nein.”

Knock Knockis said to “exist outside trend and influence,” remaining “otherworldly and unique.” Not unlikeAmygdala, Koze has worked in features from a number collaborators including Bon Iver, Risn Murphy,Jos Gonzlez,Eddie Fummler, Sophia Kennedy, Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner and more.

Knock Knock is available for pre-order through Pampa here.

Knock Knock:

1. Club der Ewigkeiten
2. Bonfire (ft. Bon Iver)
3. Moving in a Liquid (ft. Eddie Fummler)
4. Colors Autumn (ft. Speech the band Arrested Development)
5. Music On My Teeth (ft. Jos Gonzlez)
6. This is My Rock (ft. Sophia Kennedy)
7. Illumination (ft. Risn Murphy)
8. Pick Up
9. Planet Hase (ft. Mano le tough)
10. Scratch That (ft. Risn Murphy)
11. Muddy Funster (ft. Kurt Wagner)
12. Baby (How Much I LFO You)
13. Jesus
14. Lord Knows
15. Seeing Aliens
16. Drone Me Up, Flashy (ft. Sophia Kennedy)