DJ Paul Narrowly Escapes Another Close Call Car Accident In Switzerland

Three 6 Mafia co-founder DJ Paul‘s string of luck continues. He recently managed to evade a potentially devastating car crash while performing overseas in Switzerland. In a dramatic turn of events, DJ Paul shared the scary experience with his fans through an Instagram video. On Tuesday, Oct. 10, the artist uploaded a video where he can be seen inside a Mercedes Van, with a severely damaged BMW crashed right in front of him. Debris from the crash is scattered across the frame, creating a chaotic scene. DJ Paul’s reaction is quite telling, as he gazes in disbelief at the wreckage before providing a brief recap of the incident.

“Wow,” he says in the video, clearly shaken by the close call. “Man, we just almost got hit by a head-on collision with these dudes speeding around a corner.” In the video, DJ Paul also expresses concern for the drivers of the other vehicle involved in the accident. In the caption accompanying the Instagram post, DJ Paul reflects on the incident, emphasizing the gravity of the situation. “Another Blessing!!! We Almost Had A Head On Collision On Tour, Second Time In A Year,” he wrote. “This Time in Switzerland, When 2 Guys Came Speeding Down Hill Around The Corner Going Bout 70 Mph in A BMW M5 Straight Toward Our Mercedes Van & Lost Control Slamming Into The Concrete Barriers From The Trees & Hillside. Thank God No One Was Hurt.”

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DJ Paul Shares A Video Of The Accident

He goes on to provide details of the incident, describing how two individuals in a BMW M5 were hurtling down a hill, approaching a corner at roughly 70 mph, and heading straight for their Mercedes Van. Fortunately for hem, they lost control and collided with the concrete barriers, preventing a head-on collision. DJ Paul ended the post by expressing his gratitude that no one suffered fatal injuries in this dangerous situation.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of life on the road for artists, even more so during international tours. DJ Paul’s ability to maintain his composure and document the experience is a testament to his resilience and the importance of appreciating the moments when fortune smiles upon us. His fans and followers are undoubtedly relieved to hear of his safe escape from yet another potential disaster. Recently, DJ Paul shared info about him Krayzie Bone being in the studio right before he went to the hospital. It’s clear that he’s been going through it. Thankfully, he’s safe!

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