DJ Vlad Defends DJ Akademiks Amid Misogyny Accusations

DJ Akademiks has been wrapped up quite a bit of controversy lately, and DJ Vlad has taken to social media to defend him. The drama first began with DJ Akademiks making some harsh statements about Yung Miami during an interview, claiming that her only talent is “pimping men.” He then accused her of perpetuating homophobia by calling him a gay slur. He explained that he found it disrespectful to some of the City Girl’s best friends, like Saucy Santana.

Saucy Santana then defended Yung Miami, claiming that he didn’t take offense to her use of the slur. This resulted in some back and forth between Santana and Ak, and eventually escalated when Santana threatened to “beat” and sexually assault DJ Akademiks. Following the threat, Ak spoke about the situation during a live stream, getting emotional. He described feeling like he can’t fire back at Saucy Santana out of fear of getting canceled. The tearful clip made its rounds online, prompting a great deal of debate.

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DJ Vlad Weighs In On DJ Akademiks Drama

Many called him out for going after Black women, noting that he’s never held back in those instances. DJ Akademiks also recently, defended Kai Cenat amid his beef with GloRilla, calling her some questionable names in the process. Several found it offensive, accusing the personality of being misogynistic. The VladTV CEO shared a lengthy Tweet in his defense, revealing that he doesn’t appreciate the personality being labeled as such. According to him, Ak goes after all genders equally.

“If you’re a rapper, male or female, who chooses to put themselves out there, then you should be able to take criticism from males or females,” he wrote. “Women constantly ask for equality (which they deserve) but always want special treatment when that equality includes negativity.” What do you think of DJ Vlad defending DJ Akademiks? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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