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DJ Whoo Kid Reflects On G-Unit’s Peak With Throwback Pic

DJ Whoo Kid, a veteran orchestrator of G-Unit’s triumphant mixtape run.

and ‘s G-Unit Radio series still rings bells, at least to those active throughout the early millennium’s triumphant mixtape run. There was once a time when , , , and were damn near ubiquitous, with Fif in particular acting as a genuine dominator of the musical charts. Behind the triumphant run stood DJ Whoo Kid, who held it down as G-Unit’s official DJ throughout the duration. Now, with a Shade 45 show secured Whoo Kid took to Instagram to share a throwback pic for the historians.

The nostalgic intake is immediate, with 50 and Whoo Kid rocking some on-brand G-Unit attire, down to the durag/fitted combo. In the caption, Whoo Kid points out one of his former fashion staples – the facial bandana – with a subtle hint of nostalgia. “Guess I always had a bandana over my face,” he writes, evoking shades of some of G-Unit’s harder street anthems.

All things considered, Whoo Kid and the G-Unit crew helped create a legacy worth preserving, and  goes a long way . 

DJ Whoo Kid Reflects On G-Unit's Peak With Throwback Pic

Jun Sato/Getty Images

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