Does Meek Mill Have A Podcast Deal?


For years, Meek Mill has been the voice of the streets. The “Shaq & Kobe” rapper has used his time in the booth to shed light on the issues plaguing his hometown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. But in recent times, he’s taken his advocacy out of the booth and into the political sphere (see his influence in the state’s Probation Reform Bill).

Now, Meek appears to be gearing up to expand his voice with a formal podcast. Continue below for more information.

Does Meek Mill Have A Podcast Deal?

Long story short, the answer is no. Well, at least not one that he’s willing to sign. On March 16, Meek put the bug out there on his official X (formerly Twitter) page. “I want a podcast deal. I have a lot to say on many different levels,” he wrote. “If you have a podcast business moving slowly, I can reverse that! I’ve always been my own media, and I wanna join the culture of black media!”

Immediately after Meek announced his interest, his foe Akademiks chimed in. Instead of trolling as usual, Akademiks offered Meek a one-million-dollar production deal through his company. However, Meek quickly shot it down.

“Not like a finance podcast deal thing, LOL,” he wrote. “I hang around all billionaires, and I’m caked up… You streaming for your chair getting drunk … I’m changing laws and stopping major hood beefs and trying to uplift the culture!”

If Akademiks is willing to throw up seven figures to fund Meek, we’re sure another company will place their bid soon enough. As of today (March 17), this venture is just a dream. But Meek has already shared the working name and mission of the audio project.

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