Donald Trump Can No Longer Block You On Twitter

Even though Donald Trump started his Twitter account long before he was President, it doesn’t give him proper validation to block users on Twitter now that he is in office, a judge has ruled. According toTMZ, a federal court has officially ruled that he cannot stop Twitter users from seeing his tweets just because they disagree with his policies. Because he’s a government official now, he can’t hide what he’s up to on his favourite platform. 

Donald was known to have blocked Chrissy Teigen, Rosie O’Donnell, Stephen King and vampire novelist Anne Rice (?) in the past. As of today, they will now get a full look at his commentary on the ‘fake news,’ future shout outs to Kanye West and any tweets declaring anymore “witch hunts.” 

In other news involving America’s president, we just posted about his new ban from one of the most popular sushi houses, Nobu. Robert De Niro, who partially runs the empire, said that he would “never let Trump into any of the Nobu restaurants.” That means that Donald will not be allowed to enter the 30 locations around the world – talk about payback for his Twitter block. 

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