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Dorrough Music Talks His New Project ‘The Jump Back, The Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks & More

Dallas, TX native Dorrough Music has been a staple in the music business for sometime but he isn’t the same artist we became accustom to.

Since the days his record “Ice Cream Paint Job”, Dorrough has grown as an artist and he feels his best days are still ahead him. Now, Dorrough is sharping his sound and moving into a new chapter his music with his latest project ‘The Jump Back’.

Recently, Terrell Thomas made a trip to Dallas,TX to talk with Dorrough on his new project ‘The Jump Back’ and much more. Dorrough Music broke down his new 14 track project and how each record will display a different side Dorrough. Dorrough spoke on fatherhood, the Dallas,TX music scene, his relationships with the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks and much more.

The interview was conducted by Terrell Thomas. The interview was shot by Carolina Blue Films.

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