Dr. Dre Honoured By Grammys, Highlights "Crucial Role" Of Producers In Acceptance Speech

The Doc was ever so humble at the special Grammys Week ceremony.

On Wednesday night, was honoured by The Grammy Awards for his incredible work in music production throughout his extensive career in music. , and now that the Grammys are soon upon us, the legendary artist and producer has taken the stage to accept the accolade. In his speech, Dre remained humble and highlighted how he did not come by his success on his own.

“Throughout my entire career, I have done nothing by myself. My career has been a long collaboration—my career and my life—and that’s what I love to do. So, I want to thank all of the artists I’ve worked with who have trusted me with their careers. In fact, I would not be here without them, period,” Dre said. “I would also like to thank all of the amazing musicians, producers, and engineers that I’ve worked with in the past. Some of them are in the room right now, make some f*ckin’ noise.”

Dr. Dre Honoured By Grammys, Highlights "Crucial Role" Of Producers In Acceptance SpeechEmma McIntyre/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Dre continued his speech by illustrating how hard work and good values got him to where he is today. “I’ve orchestrated my life to have nothing but love around me, which is extremely important and extremely difficult. It took a very long time. That’s my true definition of success,” he revealed. “What if you could have everything you want, and never have to deal with or do anything that you don’t like? That’s my life, and that’s how I’m living right now. Real sh*t.” Still, he doesn’t keep the spotlight on himself for long, instead steering the focus towards the importance of recognizing the impact that others like himself have on the music business. “Receiving this honour is incredible, but more importantly, I hope it sheds a light on a crucial role that all producers and engineers have in creating superstars and that’s what the f*ck I’ve been doing.” Respect. Most recently, Dr. Dre produced several tracks for 

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