Drake And J. Cole’s Bromance Inspired A Fan’s Hilarious ‘Step Brothers’ T-Shirt At The ‘It’s All A Blur Tour — Big As The What?’


For over a decade now, Drake and J. Cole have dominated the rap game. Along the way, the pair have formed a close friendship outside of their in-booth competition. Now, the “First Person Shooter” rappers are on the road together as part of their collaborative It’s All A Blur Tour — Big As The What?

Fans and ticketholders alike are excited to see the buddies joining forces. But one concertgoers used Drake and J. Cole’s bromance as inspiration for their outfit. In a now-viral video, one supporter sported a customized t-shirt of the musicians’ faces. But the tee was just a normal top, the fan transposed Drake and J. Cole’s faces onto the promotional image for the 2008 movie, Step Brothers, starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.

Immediately after spotting the fan and their shirt from the crowd, Drake couldn’t help but laugh at the hiliarous mashup. What makes it even funnier is Drake’s friendship with Ferrell.

In 2013, during an appearance on Chelsea Lately, Drake spoke about his cameo in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, which starred Ferrell. “I reached out to him [Will] because ‘Anchorman’ was a huge part of my life,” he said. “So I asked him if I could do it and him and [director Adam Kay] were phenomenal about it,” he continued. “They let me be part of the scene, I got to improve, I got to interact with [Christina Applegate] and [Will Ferrell].

When also gushed about being a fan of the film’s predecessor. “I used to have this car that would allow you to play DVDs illegally through the front dash,” he said. “It had a little screen where you could play movies. It would allow me to play movies so I would have ‘Anchorman’ on loop in my car. No music, just like ‘Anchorman’ consistently looping over and over and over. So, people would get in my car and you’d be mid-sex panther scene in ‘Anchorman.’”