Drake Co-Signs Coronavirus Social Distancing Lyrics

Drake might just drop the hardest coronavirus-inspired banger of all time, featuring these social distancing lyrics.

After revealing that his , is back to self-quarantining in his Toronto mansion where he can  and show off his . Rumors continue to grow about a  arriving this year, with some people believing it could pop up as early as next month. Whether or not that happens is currently a mystery. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, Drake has been granted some much-needed downtime to work on new music, and he’s scoping around for some inspiration. During his research, he came across a few bars that he just needed to share, related to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing.

Drake Co-Signs Coronavirus Social Distancing Lyrics
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Discovering a tweet imagining how he is songwriting during this health crisis, Drake co-signed the following tweet:

“Drake somewhere in the booth singing ‘I can’t tell if you’re social distancing or distancing yourself from me socially.'”

The bar was not written by Drake himself, but he’s definitely having a good laugh because of it. Known for his highly introspective, emotive lyrics, Drake could definitely get on the microphone talking this kind of talk and it would flow smoothly with everything else on his mind. 

Do you think we’re in for an influx of coronavirus-inspired bangers soon? Could Drake be among the group of artists preparing their contributions?

Drake Co-Signs Coronavirus Social Distancing Lyrics

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