Drake Continues The Mayhem With Yet Another Kendrick Lamar Diss Track, ‘The Heart Part 6’

If anyone thought Drake would throw in the towel after Kendrick Lamar hit him with three back-to-back disses — “6:16 In LA,” “Meet The Grahams,” and “Not Like Us“– has another think coming, as Drake not only keeps the mayhem going with a new diss of his own, but also takes a page from Kung-Fu Kenny’s playbook, titling the new song “The Heart Part 6,” a reference to Kendrick’s long-running freestyle series.

This time around, Drake addresses the accusations that Kendrick levels in his last three diss tracks, claiming that he seeded the stories with individuals that he knew Kendrick could reach out to for dirt on him. He celebrates being a master manipulator as Kendrick coined the phrase in his first diss track, “Euphoria,” having successfully tricked the Compton rapper into biting bait he himself laid out ahead of the battle.

Drake also reverse-unos Kendrick’s allegations against him of pedophilia denying that he has any such charges against him while theorizing that Kendrick’s own history with abuse is what led the Pulitzer prize winner into taking that angle of attack against him. Honestly, if this is the last diss from either rapper, that would be okay, because this thing is rapidly getting out of hand.

Listen to “The Heart Part 6” above.