Drake Gives 4batz Cosign With Upcoming Remix of ‘Act II Date @ 8’

Drake is giving up-and-coming artist 4batz one of his signature cosigns by appearing on the upcoming remix for 4batz’s new song “Act II: Date @ 8.”

Drake Gives 4batz a Cosign With Upcoming Remix to “Act II: Date @ 8”

On Tuesday (March 5), 4batz hopped on Instagram to confirm a remix of his hit single “Act II: Date @ 8” was incoming, but wouldn’t reveal who would be making a guest appearance on the track. Drizzy then added to the speculation that he might be the one to grace the R&B-tinged single. On his Instagram Story today, Drake shared a screenshot of him seemingly working on the track. The 6 God additionally tagged 4batz as well as Drake’s trusty producer 40.

Drizzy’s connection with 4batz, who reps Dallas, Texas, shouldn’t come as a surprise considering Drake already showed the up-and-coming singer and rapper some serious love in February. A video emerged on social media showing Drake meandering through a crowd to connect with 4batz. The two then began conversing and laughing.

A release date for the upcoming “Act II: Date @ 8” remix has not been revealed.

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Who is 4batz?

The promising link-up between 4batz and the 6 God comes as the former begins to pick up serious steam despite having just three songs out. The young enigmatic rapper and singer caught fire on the internet after a jarring From The Block YouTube performance of his song “Act I: Stickerz ’99′” went viral in November of 2023.

Viewers have been drawn in by the contrasting qualities of 4batz’s performance, in which he dons a ski mask and is surrounded by his tough-looking squad only to reveal a soft, velvety voice. This was shown in another From The Block performance of “Act II: Date @ 8” in December of 2023.

Two major cosigns from Drake and Kanye West soon followed, with 4batz hopping on a FaceTime call with the latter in January. 4batz then dropped off “Act III: On God? (she like)” on March 1, and a major label bidding war has reportedly remained ongoing over the past few months between Atlantic, Republic and Warner Records. It remains a mystery who will get to sign the budding young artist.

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