Drake Offered To Pay For A Fan’s Divorce At His Show So That She Could Be Single And ‘Ready To Mingle’


Drake held a recent concert at the Prudential Center in New Jersey and had some interesting words for a woman in the crowd after spotting her. According to Complex, it is still unclear how Drake got his sights on her, whether she had a poster or not — but he wanted to help out with her love life.

“I’m going to get you a good lawyer, and we gon’ pay for your divorce tonight,” he said as she flashed on the jumbotron responding back. “You gon’ be single and ready to mingle.”

The Toronto rapper went on to make it very clear he was interested once she is separated because he described her as “fine as hell” and thought she needed “to be single out here.” Even if he wasn’t the one to be with her, he offered to play cupid with anyone else in the crowd.

“Aye, and while you at it, you need to find you somebody to take you out on a date, too,” he added. “I’ll pay for the date, too.”

For those heading to an upcoming stop at Drake’s It’s All A Blur – Big As the What? Tour, the odds of him setting you up for a date next have just increased by a lot.

Check out the viral clip of Drake offering to help with a fan’s divorce fees and getting her back out on the dating scene below.