Drake Posts Up At Lil Yachty, Spotted Clubbing In NYC

Drake and Lil Yachty posted up for a film camera throwback photoshoot. “Everyone asks ‘is it better to be feared or loved’ but no one tells you what happens when you’re both of them,” Drake added as a caption. It’s unclear if this was just a social call or if the pair have more projects on the way. Yachty was heavily involved in Drake’s 2023 album, For All The Dogs. He featured on “Another Late Night” and is credited as a producer on another five tracks.

Elsewhere, Drake was spotted at a club in New York City. The appearance came as fans eagerly awaited the rapper’s response to Megan Thee Stallion‘s “Hiss”. Megan took aim at the Canadian rapper and long-time friend of Tory Lanez. “These n-ggas hate on BBLs and be walkin’ ’round with the same scars (Ah)/ Real curvy, no edgin’, n*ggas fight to get in my section (My section),” Megan rapped, seemingly in reference to Drake. However, Drake has remained silent for the moment. This is somewhat surprising, given that For All The Dogs was full of Drizzy airing out beef. Despite his silence, fans are eager to see how, and if, Drake will respond.

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Drake Asks SZA To Release “Joni”

Elsewhere, Drizzy recently asked SZA to drop her unreleased track “Joni”. He posted a picture of SZA’s published snippet on Soundcloud to his Instagram. “My [goat emoji], pls drop this,” Drake added to the image. The song, first teased in 2020 during a Rolling Stone interview, has been partially released as a minute-long snippet online. The trap beat is written from the perspective of Joni Mitchell, the iconic folk musician. It’s unclear whether his endorsement will see the song finally come to light.

Meanwhile, SZA is at the top of her music game right now. As 2023 ended, “Snooze”, from her 2022 album SOS, was the only single to spend appear on every Billboard Hot 100 chart of the year. “I’m so grateful to everyone in this comment section that streamed and supported me!! GOD BLESS YOU! Thank you so much,” SZA wrote in response to the news.

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Drake At The Club