Drake Reveals He’s Dropping A “For All The Dogs” Single This Week

Weeks passed by, the album cover dropped, its star kept performing, and fans were still left salivating For All The Dogs. However, we found out recently that the wait will soon be over, as Drake’s next album will drop next Friday (September 22). Not only that, but during a recent show in Austin, Texas for his It’s All A Blur tour with 21 S*vage, the OVO star revealed that he will release a single from the project this Friday (September 15). As such, it seems like we’ll finally get a chance to listen to what he has in store for fans with his second album in the past year.

“I’m even going to say something tonight in Austin, Texas I haven’t said yet,” Drake began. “I know y’all excited to hear the album. I know it’s, like two weeks out. I’ma drop a song for y’all this week. Yeah, yeah. What a time, what a time. I appreciate y’all. Deeply, by the way, I do. It’s a lot of love in Texas.” Of course, the crowd reacted with wild cheers.

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Drake Announces Single Dropping This Week

What’s more is that fans started to speculate on what this new single will be: a solo cut, a banger, a ballad… or a collaboration, perhaps? As far as confirmed features on For All The Dogs, we know from Drake’s own words that Bad Bunny and Nicki Minaj will appear as guests. Other features are just speculation, although the Toronto rapper recently hinted at a possible guest on his Instagram Story. By posting a picture of him as Yeat, fans once again flooded social media with assumptions that a team-up on wax is soon to come.

Meanwhile, it’s great to hear that we’ll get at least a taste of this new phase for Drizzy, and we’ll see how new it is compared to his previous work. Apparently, it will be a return to his earlier styles, but there are plenty of signs pointing otherwise. If nothing else, this is one of the most quick but exciting album rollouts to come this year. With that in mind, log back into HNHH for more news and the latest updates on Drake.

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