Drake Shares How He’s Celebrating Jay-Z’s Birthday At His Home

Drake shows off his house and blasts Hov in the background.

. It’s about time his catalog becomes available elsewhere than his TIDAL service. To be exclusive like that in this day and age is pretty problematic and rules out a bunch of people from ever being able to check out the classic sounds that Hova produced back in the day. is well aware of Jay’s iconic status and the influence he’s had on the game. Today, the Toronto native is staying home and listening back to all of Jay-Z’s incredible offerings, showing off his crib on social media and shouting out the king.

Drake Shares How He's Celebrating Jay-Z's Birthday At His Home
Shareif Ziyadat/FilmMagic/Getty Images

In a rare personal upload from Drake, the superstar recording artist walked through the living area of his massive mansion, bumping Hov in the background and letting everybody know that he’ll be revisiting his discography for the remainder of the day. It’s only right that, on his birthday, Hov gets some major love from another one of the most influential rappers of this decade.

Of course, many are freaking out over just how pretty the interior of Drake’s spot is. Expensive decorations line the space with some of the most luxurious amenities also being displayed in the video. Watch below to get a sneak peek.

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