Draymond Green Believes The NBA Needs To Go Easy On Him

Draymond Green is a player who habitually steps over the line. Although he believes he is never wrong, it turns out that he is wrong a lot, actually. Overall, he has been suspended for numerous offenses throughout his time in the league. However, he very rarely takes responsibility for his own actions. Instead, he will blame the league for being soft. Or, he will just say that he was well within his rights to put a guy in a chokehold. His latest victim of that was Rudy Gobert.

After choking Rudy Gobert during a game, Green got about five games. It was a fairly harsh sentence, however, he is a repeat offender. When you have already done this kind of thing before, the consequences can follow you. When the league gives you a punishment, they look at your track record. If the track record is poor, well, you can expect a punishment that reflects that. While speaking to reporter Shayna Rubin, Green completely rejected that premise.

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Draymond Green Speaks

“To continue saying, ‘oh, what he did in the past..’ I paid for those. I got suspended for Game 5 of the Finals. So you can’t keep suspending me for those actions,” Green said. “They’ve made it clear that they are going to hold everything against me that I’ve done before. That’s OK. I need to adjust where I see fit. Where my teammates see fit, where my coaches see fit, front office sees fit.” Once again, Green believes he deserves some kind of pass. It speaks to the Warriors and the mentality they have had during their run. There is a sense of entitlement that just doesn’t work when you’re out there kicking people in the nuts and laying hands on guys.

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