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Draymond Green’s Mom Roasts Warriors During Loss To Suns

“I didn’t think we would be good but DANGGGGG…”

Draymond Green has never been one to bite his tongue, whether he’s sharing his thoughts with the media or lashing out at the referees, or his coaches, or his teammates. It should come as no surprise then that Green has been particularly vocal about , even telling reporters after a recent loss, “.”

During Wednesday’s loss to the Phoenix Suns, during which the Warriors fell behind 43-14 in the first quarter, it was Draymond’s mom’s turn to roast the Warriors.

Draymond Green's Mom Roasts Warriors During Loss To Suns

Kimberly White/Getty Images

Mary Babers-Green took to twitter to jokingly(?) troll the former NBA champs as they got their asses kicked by the upstart Suns.

“I didn’t think we would be good but DANGGGGG I didn’t think we would be this bad! Okay, give me a uniform-PUT ME IN COACH! Okay I’m done love my guys-WIN OR LOSE! Wait who are these guys again! J/k lol”

She added, “I have to laugh to keep from crying!!!!! I’m over here cracking myself up because this is almost better than DOLEMITE! You know those laughs that make you cry- Let’s Go Warriors!!!! Going to bed! Good night Twitter got some volunteering to do in the morning!”

To make matters worse for Golden State, two-time MVP  during Wednesday’s loss. The Warriors, now 1-3 on the year, have three home games on the horizon including a Friday night showdown with the Spurs, followed by games against the Hornets and Blazers.

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