DreamDoll Opens Up About "Toxic" Relationship With Ex YBN Almighty Jay

DreamDoll implied that the relationship was abusive.

In a recent seafood boil video with popular Youtuber, BLovesLife, former reality star and rapper DreamDoll addressed her breakup with fellow rapper YBN Almighty Jay. , but she never fully explained what happened. At the 13:20 mark of the video, BLovesLife asks DreamDoll if she’s “still with the same guy,” pointing out how playful the two of them would always be together. DreamDoll indicates that they’ve been broken up for four months, but that she “never spoke about it.” Vowing to be honest, she explains: “I just deserve better and I know my worth. I know how I should be treated. I know men are not supposed to put their hands on women and…that’s just that.” This almost direct assertion that YBN Almighty Jay was physically abusive to her is super alarming and upsetting, and it’s a relief that she got out of the situation when she did.

DreamDoll doesn’t address the alleged domestic abuse after this statement, instead describing how he became a distraction to her career. “I’m trying to focus on my music, and that’s basically what I’ve been doing. I feel like when you’re in a relationship, especially being an artist, sometimes it kind of zones you out and you forget sometimes. You’ll put being with your boyfriend over your studio sessions, and then that’s when you start arguing with your manager, you’re canceling shows because of that. I was kind of like losing my focus a lot.” However, she says that now, she has regained that focus. “Now, I feel like superwoman. I cannot wait to drop all my new music. My fans are ready. My supporters are ready. I’m ready and now I’m signed to a multi-million dollar label. At the end of the day, so much better things came on my plate when you let go of toxic stuff.”

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