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Dreamville’s "Costa Rica": Who Stole The Show?

Dreamville unites a stacked roster for a good-old-fashioned posse cut.

After months of post-production, and his Dreamville roster have With the compilation album set to arrive on Friday, July 5th, the camp came through to deliver a few appetizing singles. The first was “Lambo Truck,” a conceptually-driven west-coast anthem by and Reason, with Childish Major on the hook. The second and more immediate of the two was “Costa Rica,” one of the many posse cuts to manifest. In fact, “Costa Rica” has been long teased through behind-the-scenes snippets, with one particular clip of Ski Mask’s rambunctious verse setting the tone. 

Off the bat, it would appear that “Costa Rica” lived up to the hype, garnering a “VERY HOTTT (83% as of now)” rating from our users. And given that posse cuts of this nature have become an increasingly rare structural form, it seems appropriate to take a deeper dive into the track’s standout members. With verses from Reese LAFLARE, , Jace, Mez, , J.I.D., Buddy, , and a strong hook from Guapdad 4000, there’s no shortage of options. Brief though their verse may be, each artist plays a role in adding a layer of character to the song; you can feel the energy throughout, . 

But who left the best impression? Was it Bas or J.I.D, representing on behalf of the Dreamville camp? Was it Atlanta’s own Reese LAFLARE, who had the difficult task of setting things off with the opening verse? Ski Mask The Slump God’s closing verse certainly brought some noted charisma to the mix, with his “Going on a date with an AK!” line serving as a form of “hook 2.0.” And there’s also Mez in the mix, who has been quietly solidifying himself as one of the nicest lyricists in the game, complete with an Arthur reference.

By your estimation, who held it down on “Costa Rica?” And do you want to hear more posse cuts like this, once the full project surfaces on Friday?

Photo Credits
Reese LAFLARE:  Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Bas: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
JACE: Official artist artwork
Mez: Image Artist
Smokepurpp: Image HNHH
J.I.D: Image HNHH
Buddy: Image HNNHH
Ski Mask: Image HNHH
Guapdad 4000: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

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