Duce Doit’s “Tweak” Builds A Bridge Between Old & New School Hip Hop

Chicago’s emerging Hip Hop artist, Duce Doit, pays homage to the “King of Pop,” aka Michael Jackson in his latest track “Tweak.” The urban Trap rapper samples “Rock With You,” the second single from the icon’s fifth studio album Off the Wall, and shows off a distinct style that merges conventional and contemporary sounds together. The song comes with an accompanying music video shot by Ryder Visuals.

“Tweak” introduces Doit’s full potential in both its heavy trap beats and lyrics that project life on the streets. Speaking of how the banger was put together, the rapper reveals: “My cousin Boss Check sent me a beat that I didn’t really know what to do with. So when I called him and asked “What am I supposed to do with this?” His response was “Just Tweak with em” and that gave me everything I needed to make the song.”

Taking inspiration from the likes of Jay-Z, T. I., Rick Ross, Jadakiss, and Fetty Wap, Duce admits that his sound has been shaped after listening to their tracks. Integrating many sub-genres into his music, Doit explains: “Jadakiss inspired me because his delivery made me comprehend his philosophy of the streets. Funny enough Fetty Wap inspired my sound. I started playing with my voice after I heard “Trap Queen.”

Living up to his name,  duce (doo chey), meaning “leader,” paves the way for other young dreamers to step up their game and grab everything they’ve ever wanted. Thanks to his great aura and charisma, Duce Doit draws listeners in and holds their attention. “Tweak,” which is the young talent’s thirds single, following “Sleepwalkin” and “Six9,” will undoubtedly open new doors and earn him the recognition he deserves.

Watch the official music video for “Tweak” here:

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