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DUNGEONMUSIC Showcases Fine Producing Skills In New Album “Summertime With Friends 2”

DUNGEONMUSIC is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite producer as the West Coast artist extends his impressive hip-hop-focused portfolio to an alternative fusion that combines rap, soul, r&b and overall, mellow rhythms. Titled Summertime With Friends 2, the album features exceptional artists like Dyli, CALYN, Griff Tyler, Kenai and more. 

The collection of six incredibly diverse tunes is the perfect playlist for any summer kick back as each track naturally flows to the other. Starting with “Can’t Play Me,” DUNGEONMUSIC brings various inspirations, including 80s hip-hop sounds, electronic elements and best of all, the melodic and catchy verses of Kenai and Holland Izz. With the 7th song, the LA producer gives a totally different offering with the Stockton sisters Dyli and CALYN called “Fien’n,” an r&b masterpiece that leaves listeners wanting more. 

With hit singles like “F.Y.S” that have reached hundreds of thousands of streams, DUNGEONMUSIC is looking to replicate the same numbers and even break his own records with his latest album Summertime With Friends 2, which is now out across platforms. 

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