Dunstan Is The Man Behind The Powerful Track “Minute”

Dunstan is releasing a latest project, the track simply titled “Minute.” Hailing from Yorkshire, England, Dunstan is an artist and music producer who has been on the high rise this year. He has been producing music for the past 5 years and he’s ready for the next step into the music industry. Looking to bring a fresh new sound in Hip-Hop to the United States and North America, the British rapper has all the assets in terms of his rap game to make it big in the coming years. “Minute” runs throughout 2:37 minutes of pure skill, vision and ability over a minimalistic sound design that perfectly matches the young artist’s flow from start to finish. 

Dunstan follows-up to his previously released successful singles “9PM,” “Kiwi,” and “Flavours,” all dropped earlier this year and displaying his innate abilities as an artist who seamlessly translates his inspirations into infectious sounds. 

Make sure to get introduced to Dunstan’s unique sound by streaming “Minute” on repeat!

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