Duse Beatz’s ‘Westside Connected Vol. 1’ Shows Love To New LA Hip Hop Scene

Reno Native DJ and producer Duse Beatz recently introduced his seventh studio album Westside Connected Vol. 1, which includes songs like “No Cap,” “Get It Poppin,” “Clear Water,” “High Enough,” and “A Message From Bubba Dub.” The 9-track record delivers the best of West and East Coast musical cultures thanks to the rapper’s enticing arrangements and beat production.

Duse Beatz admits that his inspiration for Westside Connected Vol. 1 came from young up and coming artists, “This album is just showing love to New LA hip hop scene, even though I’m From Reno, NV I grew up on west coast music from LA to Bay Area Music, and what inspired me is just the new upcoming talent who rocks with my beats/production because of the work me and Drakeo The Ruler put in.”

The West coast rapper has a soft spot for the song “Get It Poppin.” Duse Beatz  confesses that the track featuring TruCarr, Drakeo The Ruler, Ralfy The Plug, and Ketchy The Great, is his favorite, “because it’s bringing that traffic rap genre that everyone in the west coast loves and also because everyone on the track was spittin their best, especially my boy Drakeo (RIP).” The “Traffic Rap” frontrunner defines being in the studio with Drakeo the Ruler and DJ Mustard as “an epic moment.” Both artists have inspired him to aspire for greatness and pour his heart and soul into his creations. 

“Lil Boosie” with Drakeo the Ruler has collected close to five million views on YouTube. Duse Beatz came together again with the late American rapper for the new LP Westside Connected Vol. 1, where he also collaborated with big league musicians like Fenix Flexin, Ralfy The Plug, and Bravo The Bagchaser.

Listen to Westside Connected Vol. 1 here: