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Dwight Howard Kills It While Dressing As Rasputia From "Norbit" For Halloween

Howard is killing Halloween.

Dwight Howard isn’t afraid to make himself look a certain way and now that Halloween is here, he has been killing it. The other day,  and today, he decided to dress up as a woman. Now, there have been some rumors of Howard’s extra-curricular activities in the past so, of course, the reaction to the photo was pretty extreme. Regardless, Howard decided to see fit this year to dress up as Rasputia from the Norbit movie.

If you don’t know who Rasputia is, she is a rather large woman and Howard donned a bodysuit to play the part. He also put some prosthetics onto his face to make himself look the part even more. As far as costumes go, it’s pretty damn funny and Howard seems to be loving what he put together here.

There have been plenty of other athletes dressing up for Halloween this year and the costumes have been pretty fun so far. Howard’s Rasputia get up is just yet another marker of his unique personality and how he’s not afraid to get laughed at by his peers. He seems to be having fun and you should too.

We can’t wait to see what he decides to pull off next year.

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