Dwight Howard Responds To Fan Who Says He Fell Off

Dwight Howard was confused when a fan claimed he fell off back in 2012.

 with ups and downs. In the late 2000s, Howard was one of the best players in the league and was downright dominant as a member of the Orlando Magic. He led the team to an NBA Finals appearance although his team ended up losing at the hands of the Los Angeles Lakers. In 2012,  as he started to hit a decline and for many, he ultimately fell off.

Now, Howard is in the middle of a resurgence in his second stint with the Lakers. The star was on IG live recently where he was speaking with a fan who was asking some harmless questions. At one point, the fan asked what he did to recover from falling off in 2012. Howard had a very simple reply for the fan, saying “what fall?” 

Eventually, Howard answered the question after the fan elaborated. The Lakers star said that he just had to learn how to block out all of the negativity and just focus on his game. Clearly, that strategy has paid off because Howard is playing his basketball in years.

If the NBA season comes back, hopefully, we can see Howard do his thing during a deep Lakers run in the playoffs.

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